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Cookie Policy of Mint Advocaten – Version 2.0 (20.09.2021)

We think it is important that you are able to access, view, listen to or experience our content on different media platforms in any place and at any time. For this purpose, our website and our other online services use cookies, pixels and trackers, which we refer to collectively as ‘cookies’.

In this Cookie Policy, we want to inform you about the cookies that we use, the purposes for doing so, what happens to the data we collect and how you can manage the use of this data. This enables us to align our services to your privacy preferences.

The Cookie Policy applies to this website and to the online services of Mint Advocaten. We also clearly indicate when we transmit cookies to third parties and the conditions under which we do this. Please note that if you click through to an external website, another privacy and cookie policy will apply.

Mint Advocaten is responsible for this Cookie Policy. Since cookies contain personal data, you can also exercise the rights that apply under the privacy laws. It is easy to contact us by using the details shown below in our contact information.

1 What are cookies, pixels, plugins and trackers?

This website uses cookies.

Cookies are small data or text files that are put on your computer, tablet or smartphone by websites and applications.

They enable your web browser or device to recognise and store information about your browsing behaviour. For instance, cookies let us remember how to properly display the website on your device, what you have entered on a form, which pages you've visited or whether you've read our newsletter and what your social media profiles are. We use them for collecting all kinds of statistics about how users use our website(s) and online services. Some cookies come from us, and others come from third parties.

We use both temporary cookies, which are deleted when you close your browser, and cookies that are used to identify you the next time you visit.

In the section “What cookies do we use”, we describe in detail the types of cookies that we use, the purpose for using them, the basis for doing so, how long we store them on our servers and whether or not we send them to third parties.

This Cookie Policy covers the following technologies:


  • Trackers: technology that remembers your online behaviour between websites, such as which websites you visit, what actions you do and what information you have entered on these websites. This includes, for instance, whether you use a bank card, your search terms or the content of your social media profiles which can then be used to derive an individual’s personality traits. Examples of trackers are certain cookies and pixels.
  • Plugins: software components that extend the functionality of the website and that come from third parties.
  • Pixels: small, invisible images that enable us to collect specific information about usage of the website, such as the number of users who visit a certain page.

2 What cookies do we use?

2.1. Essential cookies

These cookies are needed to enable the website to operate. You cannot use our website without these cookies. They guarantee basic functions such as navigation between pages, access to secured parts of the website(s), saving forms and checking whether the user is a person and not a computer. That is why consent is not requested from the person concerned for these cookies. You cannot reject these cookies.

Mint Advocaten does not use essential cookies.


2.2. Functional cookies

These cookies are in themselves not necessary for the website to operate, but they help us to offer you an enhanced and personalised website, for instance by allowing us to remember your registration details, your personal preferences, your subscription for the newsletter or your participation in a survey. These cookies mean that you do not have to always make the same choices. They are active from the moment that you use these functions or expressly request this service. That is why consent is not requested from the person concerned for these cookies. You cannot reject these cookies.


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2.3. Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to update visitor statistics, so that the performance of the website can be measured and improved. They collect general information about the way in which visitors use the website, for instance how often the website is visited, which pages are visited most frequently, how often a blog is viewed or the region where website visitors mainly come from.

We need your consent for this type of cookies. You can give your consent by clicking the checkbox next to the analytical cookies and then clicking on ‘save preferences’. The pop-up banner about cookies on the website is shown at the bottom of this page.



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2.4. Marketing cookies

Advertising partners may place advertising cookies through the website. These cookies follow the user’s navigation behaviour to build up a profile of your interests so that you can be shown advertisements or offers that are relevant to those interests.

Social media cookies and cookies from other media companies are used to enable integration with social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter or media companies such as YouTube or Twitter on our website or online service. These social networking sites use your data for things such as sending you personalised advertisements.

We need your consent for this type of cookies. You can give your consent by clicking the checkbox next to the marketing cookies and then clicking on ‘save preferences’. The pop-up banner about cookies on the website is shown at the bottom of this page.

For more information, see point 2.5 of this Cookie Policy.


2.5. Which trackers, pixels and plugins do we use?

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3. Manage cookies: how can you reject or manage cookies?

We need a number of cookies for the website to work or provide you with an online service. You cannot reject these cookies. For all other cookies, we ask for your consent because they are not strictly necessary, and they may be able to personally identify you.

At any time, you can give consent or amend or withdraw consent to the installation of these cookies by using the cookie banner (link).

You can determine in your browser settings how your web browser handles cookies. You can also always remove cookies that have already been installed on your computer or mobile device. For help with this, check your browser's help function or one of the following web pages:


4. Rights of visitors

Since the use of cookies may constitute processing of personal data, as a data subject you have the right for your personal data to be lawfully and securely processed.

You can exercise the rights that apply under privacy legislation. You have the right to inspect, correct and object to data, the right to be forgotten and the right to submit a complaint.

You can exercise these rights in accordance with the terms set out in our Privacy Statement.

5. Contact information

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or complaints. You can contact us by emailing or by writing to Godveerdegemstraat 101, 9620 Zottegem, Belgium.

6. Historical changes

This Cookie Policy may change if required by circumstances, such as if there are changes to our services or to the prevailing laws. The version number and date in the title indicate the most recent change. If we add new cookies to our web